We tell stories. Real stories. People stories.
We believe that humans have the ability to change the planet, and their personal stories can inspire audiences worldwide. We use cinematography, photography and graphics to capture the most engaging stories and create beautiful, honest and evocative films.
  • Film Production

    The Compulsive produces films that transcend traditional media and impact on the audiences that matter. We specialise in character-led documentaries, letting real people share their story and giving audiences an intimate insight into unknown worlds.

  • Research+Evaluation

    The Compulsive creates beautiful stories that turn raw data into engaging narratives that are click and share friendly and easy to digest. We find personal stories within text-heavy reports and create films and photo essays that capture the impact of programs on real lives.

  • Branded Content

    Have a great product or service that you want to promote? Team up with The Compulsive to create an engaging film that captures the spirit of your brand. We show how your product or brand impacts on lives with compelling films shot in the most exotic reaches of the globe.

  • Media Training

    Give your staff the skills to tell your organisation's or company’s unique story. The Compulsive runs workshops in filmmaking, photography and social media to help your staff understand how to reach your audience, while making your workplace communication sustainable.