Mongolian Bling

Discovering the roots of hip hop in the heart of Asia


Welcome to the world of Mongolian hip hop, possibly our coolest film.

While travelling the Trans-Siberian railway, Executive Producer Benj Binks stumbled into a pumping nightclub and discovered the local rap scene. We soon returned with the crew and over four years and four shoots, captured the story of modern Mongolia’s development and the spirit of the country’s youth.

The resulting feature-length documentary explores traditions, culture, western influence, music, identity and what it means to be Mongolian in this day and age. We chose three of Mongolia’s most dynamic and varied rappers and captured their personal stories, spending weeks with them to understand them intimately. We added to their stories a colourful supporting cast including a shaman, a traditional musician, older rappers and everyday Mongolians.

Mongolian Bling has screened on TV stations, in cinemas and at festivals worldwide.

Check out the film’s official website for more information and to watch the film on DVD, Vimeo or iTunes.


  • Client : The Compulsive
  • Date : July 12, 2012
  • Tags : OUR FILMS