Good Parenting Exhibition

Zanzibari children strive for a healthier childhood


Save the Children work extensively in Zanzibar, the tropical island off the coast of Tanzania. In 2015, they were focusing on the role that parents play in society and they teamed up with The Compulsive to help share the messages.

After creating three music videos, a larger project was undertaken. A workshop with kids led to 12 drawings that depicted what made a good parent. Providing food. Helping with schooling. Not hitting. Working with the children, we turned these drawings into photos, allowing the kids to direct us as we photographed the images.

The 12 images were then printed and exhibited in the bustling Forodhani Gardens during Zanzibar’s International Film Festival, as well as being shared online and with schools. The whole process was filmed.


  • Client : Save the Children
  • Date : September 11, 2015